Chen’s Research

My Research Streams

In the main stream of my research, I investigate issues related to time, energy, and well-being at work, including people’s workday experiences and the arrangement of their workday activities. In this line of work, I hope to discover how people can achieve both work effectiveness and personal well-being on a daily basis.

In a second stream of research, I examine individuals’ proactive actions in work settings (e.g., leading informally, learning new things).  In this line of research, I examine how people exercise their agency to go beyond formal requirements at work, as well as the challenges they face in doing so.

Overall, my research aims to shed light on ways in which we can enhance both work performance and human well-being in organizations, thereby helping people create a more rewarding experience of work and helping organizations realize their full potential.


Current Research

In my ongoing research, I explore a variety of issues related to workday activity arrangement and the implications of different arrangements during the workday. For example, in one paper I investigate how spending more time in meetings during the workday (relative to individual work) might influence knowledge workers’ energy at work and their performance. In another paper, I examine how the task arrangement at the start of the workday can influence important workday outcomes for individuals.